Partnering with Day to Serve

Are you considering joining the Mid-Atlantic’s (Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia¸ and Washington DC) unique initiative, Day to Serve? Because if you are – and if it is aligned with your mission – you will derive great value and inspiration from Day to Serve.


Day to Serve is a unique annual initiative that transcends politics and religious differences. It unites people of all faiths, races, cultures and backgrounds with the shared goal of helping those in need and improving the communities where we live.

What is asked of Partners?

Day to Serve (DTS) asks the following of its partners:

  • Help publicize DTS to your members/networks through social media and by posting information and distributing information, as appropriate.  For example, if you have a website, post a tab on the front page highlighting DTS and linking to Or post the DTS small posters in appropriate areas and distribute DTS brochures.
  • Communicate to other organizations about DTS, including faith and interfaith groups, neighborhoods, youth groups, businesses, non-profits, any organization that would be enthusiastic about this unique opportunity to serve or needs volunteers. 
  • Include Day to Serve materials in your office and at events that representatives of your organization attend.  
  • "Like" and "Share" DTS via Facebook page posts that fit within your mission and retweet DTS Tweets (if you have the capacity).
  • Consider sponsoring a service event that your constituents and others can participate in within their communities, "pin" your service event(s) to the DTS map, report your event(s) results afterwards and tell your stories in a blog post about your involvement with DTS, your event(s) and/or an interesting person involved (optional).

If you become a partner, DTS will:

  • Post your logo on the DTS website and in any marketing materials, with a link to your website.  
  • Share your DTS social media content on our networks.
  • Highlight your organization’s service event(s) on the DTS website and social media.
  • Invite your leaders to join press conferences and other events tied to DTS.  
  • Interview, photograph or spotlight your organization as part of DTS publicity (optional).  


We hope that you will also be a thought partner with DTS, helping us to improve the process and to build even more bridges and relationships through the power of service. 

Major partners for Day to Serve have included: the Washington Nationals, who hosted a DTS night at the stadium, offered discounted tickets to DTS groups and listed each  partnering organization on the megaton; the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington DC, Baltimore and Northern Virginia; the Catholic Conference; Boy Scouts of America and the Girls Scouts; National Public Lands Day; Chesapeake Bay Trust; Student Conservation Core; Baltimore Tool Bank; Shoppers Food Warehouse; Safeway; Capital Area Food Bank; Virginia Regional Food Banks; Maryland Food Bank; and the Mountaineer and Huntington Food Banks in WV.  



DTS began in 2012 as a collaboration between the governors of MD, VA, WV and the mayor of DC. They set aside political differences and worked together to feed the hungry and improve their communities. They invited all citizens, faith groups, businesses and community organizations to join the cause. They encouraged the creativity of individuals, families, groups and communities to meet the needs that they saw in their own backyards. 

During the first year more than 14,000 volunteers carried out 750 community service projects. They collected and donated more than 600,000 pounds of food and planted hundreds of trees.  Moreover, the stories of service inspired the region and created momentum for the next year.  

Over the years, the governors and mayor increased their commitments, resulting in over 50,000 volunteers that included more than 18,000 youth in 2014.  These volunteers completed over 180,000 hours of service across 1,232 events throughout the region.  Volunteers collected and donated over 800,000 lbs of food – roughly 675,000 meals – to food banks, food kitchens and pantries throughout the area.  Volunteers also collected 11,000 bags of trash and planted 3,500 trees.   Again, we heard incredible stories of people engaging in service that had not in the past, or engaging in service with a group whom they did not previously know.  

While DTS partners and volunteers clean up neighborhoods and collect food, more importantly, they build bridges in neighborhoods, among strangers, and between groups who had no previous association with each other.  DTS connects and mobilizes communities. Today, faith communities are the foundation of DTS, but all people are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Which states or areas will you be working in?