Individual and Small Groups

Whether you prefer to work alone or with others you can choose from a large variety of activities that are already ready and waiting for volunteers.

Or… you can create your own activity and invite others to join you.

Here are some quick ideas to get you started:

  • You could organize a neighborhood food drive for a local food bank
  • You could invite your neighborhood to join you and clean a park or a road
  • Are your children going crazy at home? You could involve them in a simple project in your neighborhood Do you have a neighbor who is struggling to maintain their yard? Can your family work together to help them? Is there litter on a nearby trail? You could work together to clean it up.

When you decide what you want to do be sure to share it on our Day to Serve website so you can encourage and inspire others!

There are many COVID-19-friendly projects that you can find at You sign up with the organization of your choice, and they handle all the details of where to serve or where to drop off items you make. Go to and choose one of the COVID options.

If you want to work from home you could:

  • Sew facemasks
  • Make “Sassy Caps.” Soft caps for women who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment
  • You can make blankets for “Project Linus,” which distributes homemade blankets to those in need of some comfort. You can choose to make blankets or to sew labels into blankets that have been made by someone else
  • Sew pillowcases for children who are in hospitals.

If you want to work outside you could:

  • Participate in the “Billion Graves” project, photographing gravestones with your smartphone. You can choose to do this as a family, or in a small group, too
  • Find a habitat restoration project
  • Drive a senior to appointments
  • Sign up with “Meals on Wheels” to deliver food to someone in need.

Additional Ideas:

  • Check-out BeMyEyes and learn how easy it is to help someone who is blind by using your smart phone
  • Are you willing to sew? There are many hospitals in Maryland and Virginia that need masks and other items that can be sewn from home. Find a list of hospitals and the items they need.
  • Donate blood
  • TheLittleYellowDuckProject is a project that originates in the UK, but is applicable throughout the world, encouraging people to donate blood, bone marrow, organs and tissues. Make a little yellow duck (patterns are on the website), and then place it somewhere it can be seen and ‘adopted.’

Be creative. Have fun. Serve others.

Be sure to register what you do on so others can be inspired to serve, too!