Day to Serve: Our Unique Opportunity

As we hang up our rakes, put away our work gloves and look back on this Day to Serve season, do we really see what’s been accomplished?


Our parks have been beautified, our blood banks have been filled, our roads are void of trash, and our neighbors have been fed. While these are just a few of the reasons why we come together each year, it is really the “coming together” that truly makes Day to Serve such a success.


There are few events that share a mission similar to that of Day to Serve’s, where each year we “transcend politics and religious differences” by “uniting people of all faiths, races, cultures and backgrounds.” Not only are thousands of Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and D.C. residents providing service during Day to Serve each September, they are making connections and bringing a real sense of community to our region.


Trina Neel, a Day to Serve volunteer who helped coordinate a project in Herndon, Virginia, stated that, “Day to Serve is unique to me because it gives me the chance to serve with people of other faiths within our community. I drive by their churches and now know some of the people that worship there. I like the feeling of expanding my friendships.”


That is what makes Day to Serve unique. It gives us the opportunity to work side by side with new friends and neighbors who we otherwise wouldn’t have been in contact with. It allows us to step outside of our comfort zones and work towards a common goal, by setting aside our differences and simply getting to work.


By Erin Bryant