Day to Serve Hits it Outta the Park for Parks & People

Parks & People Foundation was thrilled to be the beneficiary of the Day to Serve fundraiser with the Baltimore Orioles on September 15. Thank you, to the 120 people who bought tickets through the promotion, raising $600 to support Parks & People’s efforts to make Baltimore a cleaner, greener, happier and healthier city!


The connection between Parks & People and Day to Serve, with its goal of “healing the planet,” couldn’t be clearer. For 30 years, our staff has worked to restore natural resources, help communities create and maintain green spaces like gardens and farms, and engage young people in recreation and service learning programs that keep them active and open spaces in use.


None of our work would be possible without the service of others. Every day, volunteers clear trails, clean streams, guide children through environmental education and enrichment activities, and plant trees, flowers and shrubs that improve the quality of life for many families. So often, their service doesn’t end after a single day. Thousands of Baltimoreans have become engaged year-round, transforming vacant lots into places of pride for their community, forming networks to care for green spaces, and organizing events that keep them in use. This, too, connects us with Day to Serve. Just as our programs are often springboards for long-term environmental stewardship, so too is Day to Serve a catalyst for ongoing service. 


The Orioles’ game – held at the most beautiful park in baseball, on a crisp, clear night – was the perfect way to celebrate our partnership, and a great reminder that service comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s planting a tree or making a donation, the important thing is taking action – swinging the bat, diving for the catch. As our beloved O’s, now headed for the post season, have shown, a single action can make a big difference and inspire a legion of supporters.  


Kate Sam

Director of Development & Communications at the Parks & People Foundation